University of Surrey: Discover Quants

University of Surrey: Discover Quants – an educational resource

To aid sociology undergraduate students’ learning in Quantitative Methods (statistical analysis) the University of Surrey, together with a grant from the ESRC, commissioned a ‘blended learning environment’. The challenge was to provide an engaging resource, measure the impact of the resource, facilitate peer learning, and be incredibly easy to extend and maintain.

Before commencing the project we helped facilitate some research panels, having in-depth discussions with students to understand what they would find useful… and then we built it. The site features gamification techniques, such as awards, to encourage engagement, persistence of use and deeper discovery of the content. A chat system was also provided to assist with peer learning.

Using Umbraco to its full potential, we ensured the CMS was so intuitive it didn’t need any training. However, just in case we also did some training with the client so that they were completely confident in the CMS. The client was delighted with the results and we continue to develop additional resource with the client.


  • Web design
  • Responsive design
  • Gamification
  • Chat application
  • Training
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