AzureStorageSync is a .NET console application that copies the contents of a folder up in to an Azure Storage container, and deletes any files in the container that doen't exist locally. Additionally it sets the content types and a cache header.

The intended use of this is to allow you to copy a website's static assets up to a CDN on a deployment. However, it would only require a tiny modification to convert this in to a rudimental cloud backup system or some other unforeseen usage.


We'll you'll need to build it first, using Visual Studio. You can specify your settings either through the command line arguments, or within the config settings. The command line format is:

AzureStorageSync /acc:account_name /key:key_value /path:local_path /container:container_name /force_properties=1

Force properties will update the file properties for existing files

I'm not imagining that the code is likely to work for many people 'out of the box', so there doesn't seem much point. Presumably most users will be able to build a Visual Studio project.

It's inline only. I know that is crap, but at the moment this is just an in-house tool, which I'll develop in to a proper open-source project if there is interest.

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Grab the code, and stick it in your own CI build job. Alternatively run it as a scheduled task.

YES! Or at least it should. Please report any bugs via my comment form.

Sure. Shoot me an email via my contact form, and I'll setup a GitHub project.

It's free. Use my contact form if you feel you'll sleep better by giving me some cash.

This is distributed under the WTFPL license.