The DX

The DX – a large corporate website

The challenges that needed to be overcome for such a large corporate website were significant. It was not possible to fully specify the full project prior to development because of political and business reasons, and we needed to work with DX’s preferred supplier of the design and front-end templates. Additionally the website is not just a piece of marketing, but contains business critical functionality such as ‘Track my delivery’.

With the front-end being supplied by another party, we made it our business to make sure the distinction between the two suppliers was seamless and straightforward for the client. We achieved this through regular conference calls, ‘going the extra mile’ when there was ambiguous responsibility and not just ‘passing the buck’. The hosting and deployment was not a straightforward task either with in-house IT taking an understandable active interest, an external hosting company and an incumbent IT support company. All deployments were tested on a development environment and a staging environment before being promoted to the load-balanced production environment. On-going patch releases were complex as different features were moved in and out of scope, and the deployments all had to be made by another party, meaning that good version control and documentation was paramount.

Technically, there are a number of very interesting aspects to the project including, an innovative approach to differentiating the two different country versions (UK and Ireland) such that the majority of the site content is shared but with exceptions. There are multiple internal and external web services used, and heavy customisation of Umbraco Forms (previously Contour)

The project was a huge success, meeting all of its objectives.


  • Different country versions
  • Geographical IP lookup
  • Exteral web services
  • Umbraco Forms workflows
  • JavaScript applications

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