University of Surrey: SMG

University of Surrey: SMG – a website with over a dozen queryable databases

The Surrey Morphology Group had over a dozen databases, all with a different design and user experience, and a range of technologies. Additionally their website had an on-going need for microsites, and didn’t allow the character sets that they needed.

We upgraded all the database to the latest version of SQL Server and, but also by using a standard CSS framework (Bootstrap) were able to unify the design and user experience.

By using Google’s web font ‘Noto Sans’ we were able to support a vast array of character sets. The CMS was built to support a microsite style site map, and the CMS was implemented to be incredibly intuitive.

A great deal of content was migrated, along with content changes from the client. The final result was acclaimed to be a great success.


  • Custom databases
  • Content migration
  • User-friendly CMS
  • JavaScipt application
  • Responsive web design

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