Umbraco Training

If you website isn’t intuitive to edit, or your staff just need a little extra help understanding the concepts of web editing, then aren’t going to be maximising the potential of your website.

I offer training on your website, by learning how your website has been built. You can then have on-site training or other teaching materials to support your staff take control.

How it works

No matter how much money you’ve invested in your website, unless your staff feel comfortable updating it then your business isn’t performing as well as it could. Training your staff is usually significantly cheaper than modifying or replacing your site.

Unfortunately because every Umbraco based website is unique, anything other than training tailored to your website will be of limited value. I’ll learn how your website has been built so that everyone receiving training is confident updating your website and understands its potentials.

For traditional, on-site training, the cost and course length depends on how complex your site is, the level of skills required, and the existing competency of the trainees.

You’ll be taught using a copy of your website and everyone leaving the course will have an editor manual and worksheets.

Training for individual or groups of developers is not currently provided. For accredited developer training please see the Umbraco website.

As an alternative, or addition, I can provide; instructional videos, documentation, and in-CMS help. This educates all current and future users in the ins and outs for updating your site, and is available where it is most needed – in the Umbraco back office.

Please also see Development and Consultancy

Why me?

The complement I’m most often paid is that I can put complex matters in to layman’s terms. This, along with a fair helping of patience, allow me it teach even the most untechnically minded in the ways of the web and Umbraco.

Training is what interests me more than any other work I do, and you’ll feel that passion in the extra care and attention that I take to ensure the best possible teaching.

I’m not an accredited Umbraco trainer, but your website isn’t accredited either. Other trainers are available to cover generic Umbraco usage but I’m aware of none offering training on specifically your system, as I do.

Please also see About me and My work.

Work with me

I’m keen to hear about all projects, opportunities to partner, or from like-minded individuals.
Do please get in touch, and I’ll help if I possibly can.


I offer a tailored service, so you may want a bit of all three services or
feel free to get in contact if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

  • Umbraco development

    For you, or for your client, I will build your Umbraco powered website to an exceptional standard, while putting you in complete control of your content.

  • Umbraco consultancy

    Whether you want your current website reviewed, starting a new project, or something else, I have loads of experience and expert advice to assist you.

  • Umbraco training

    I can offer comprehensive training, specific to your website, that will ensure your staff have the confidence to get the most out of your website.